MARC  WB3JOE/R  W3NWA  Southeastern PA


MARC Presidents

1977    Peter Essl K3ZFG (SK) 1996-97 Robert Lees W3ZQN
1978    William Scholz W3YSZ 1998-99 Thomas Porett N3JMA
1979     Peter Essl K3ZFG (SK) 2000-06 Stephen Maslin N3ORH
1980     John Bartholomew WB3ELA (SK) 2007-09 Dieter Hauer K3DK
1981    Donald Schuenemann WB3AYT 2010-15 Steven Werner KD3WK
1982    Jeffrey Ollis WB3KNB 2016- Jeremy Carlo N2ZLQ
1983-84  Alan Maslin W3DZI (now N3EA)    
1985 Carter Craigie KA3IME (now N3AO)    
1986-87 Alan Maslin W3DZI (now N3EA)    
1988 John Bartholomew WB3ELA (SK)    
1989-90 Alan Maslin W3DZI  (now N3EA)    
1991 Carter Craigie KA3IME (now N3KN)    
1992-93 Alan Maslin W3DZI  (now N3EA)    
1994-95 Thomas Porett N3JMA    






MARC Original 147.06 Repeater

From 1976 to 1985 the MARC 147.06 VHF repeater was located at Villanova University and for a time used the original call sign WR3ABZ until the WB3JOE club call was obtained.  The tower and pole shown above the academic building mounted the repeater antenna.  The original repeater cabinet included receiver, transmitter, controller and duplexers.

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